Booster Pump Set Domestic, fire pump set, fire fighting pump

Booster Pump Set Domestic

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Booster Pump Set Domestic

SQB Automatic Frequency Conversion Booster Pump Set is composed of newest high performance PID frequency conversion control cabinet, one pump or more than 2 pumps. It is the top technical water boosting equipment, which can automatically adjust to satisfy the requirement of constant pressure, variable water demand.
The pressure of water supply net can be kept constant water pressure. The whole water supply system can run effectively energy saving and perfect status.

1. SS 304 material: durable and clean
2. Simple and compact structure: easy maintenance
3. YE 3 motor: high performance, high efficiency and eco-friendly
4. PID frequency conversion control cabinet: digital display for easy use
5. Automatically keep for constant pressure, save energy and protect the pump