Parallel Bar Diesel Engine Portable Irrigation Pump

Parallel Bar Diesel Engine Portable Irrigation Pump

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Product Overview
 portable diesel fire fighting pump   is well know for its simple structure, light weight, compact structure and high efficiency.For decades, it is hot saled in Southeast Aisa, Mideast, Africa and South America, it withstands the test of time. 
As usual it includes gasoline engine, centrifugal pump and scuttlebutt. 
The power of regular type is 9 hp, 13 hp, 22 hp and 25 hp with max flow 500 gpm.
weight ≦ 100kg, vacuum sealing performance ≦ 2.6kPa, max. vacuum ≧ 85.0kPa, water diversion time ≦ 35.0s 
Portable fire pump is mainly applied to the professional fire brigade, industrial and mining enterprises, 
and fire protection for suburbs/villages. It is most suitable for the place where the fire tender can't enter into. 
As a famous portable fire pump manufacturer, zjbetter pump company is happy to supply you strong durable portable fire pump.
 Diversion device
Check the oil level of the pilot oil cup, if not enough, please refuel it.

Pumps and accessories
Equip the water hose, water gun, and correctly install the suction pipe and the end of the water filter. Suction pipe bend shall not be higher than the pump inlet. Fix the interface rubber pad of suction pipe. The pad must be tightened to prevent leakage. Suction pipe water filter should be less than 0.5 meters from the surface, and not close to the pool (or river) at the end, to prevent inhalation of dirt. Check whether the pump drain valve and outlet valve are tight.

The engine starting
According to the engine user manual requirements, operate the engine start, the engine should be in the idle state after the start.

Water diversion
The engine starts the engine speed will be increased to 3600 / min or so, the throttle switch pushed to high-speed position, open the front of the water diversion switch, according to the pilot operating lever, so that the high-speed water diversion to the water nozzle outlet water, and gradually open the pump Outlet valve, water pump. Close the water diverter switch, release the water joystick, the water meter to stop the rotation, the water is about to end.

Pump work
Water pump after the water pump began to work water supply, under normal circumstances, the pump water pressure should be controlled at 0.6MPa, the engine speed of 3300 r / min or so, can run for a long time. If the pump needs to stop the water supply, the engine speed can be reduced, idle, and then close the water valve, water supply and then open the water valve, while the engine speed.

Pump stop
According to the engine user manual requirements to stop the operation, close the fuel tank fuel switch, open the water pump valve, put the pump after the remaining water, still close the drain valve and pump outlet valve. (Especially in cold weather or area), fire hydrant, close the water diversion switch, water diversion device does not lead, start the engine, can be directly absorbed.