Long Shaft Electric Fire Pump Electric fire pump

Long Shaft Electric Fire Pump 1

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Product Overview
  Product Process

JC series vertical turbine pump is a single suction multistage vertical pump, which can be used for water supply and drainage in factories, mines, industries project, farmland and firefighting. It can be pumping liquid from the deep well or pit. And it is suitable for varieties of need, wide range application, and compact structure and easy of installation, maintenance and handling.
2.Operation Condition:
1. The first stage impeller of the pump should be submerged 1m – 3m below the pumping water level, the necessary submerged depth of a pump is marked on the outline installation drawing.
2. The water in the well should not contain any oily materials.
3. It is not permissible for the water to contain too much corrosive minerals.
4. Sand content (weight ratio) in the water should not exceed 0.01%.
5. PH = 6.5 ~ 8.5.
6. The well should be straight.
3. Specification
Capacity:  less 2500 m3/h
Head: less 250 m
Motor Power: 5.5-710kW
Rated Voltage: 380V
Well Diameter: 100-750mm
Max. Discharge Diameter: 450mm