Single-Stage Single-Suction Diesel Engine Fire Pump,fire fighting pump,diesel engine fire fighting pump set for sale

Single-Stage Single-Suction Diesel Engine Fire Pump

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Product Overview
Product Introduction of XBC series Diesel Fire Pump
XBC series Diesel Fire Pump is a new-style fire-fighting equipment developed in accordance with GB6245-98 and NEPA20 standard, and upon the fitted fire-fighting pumps (single-stage single-suction type, single-stage double-suction type and sectional multistage type), can be divided into XBC-IS, XBC-S and XBC-D three sub series. The equipment has a wide range of pressure and temperature and can be used for almost every occasion necessary for fire-fighting.
The diesel engine fitted with the equipment is an excellent product domestic or imported, features good starting performance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance and use and high degree of automation. The equipment is really a fire-fighting one advanced and reliable in performance.
Diesel Fire Pump with centrifugal single stage end suction water pump head, diesel engine (as ususal we use China famouos brand or cummins,cat,isuze etc), cast iron base is widely used in firefighting such as dock, building, oil stock, industrial factory and agricultural farm irrigation.It should comply with the GB6245-2006 and NFPA20 standard and other rules in related country.
Product Structure